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Through this process, it is our mission to unlock your natural creative gifts and ignite a deep, enduring passion for creativity that will empower both your writing and life.

At Ignite, we believe that your creative potential can change the world, and that the creative process has the power to transform lives. Our mission is to inspire and empower writers and artists, both new and established, through transformative creative workshops, one-on-one coaching, and consulting services.

Ignite Mission

What Sets Us Apart

Meet Chela

Chela Reyna is a dynamic Creative Inspirationalist, Speaker, Creative Coach, and Creative Writing Teacher. As a screenwriter and author, she has dedicated her career to unlocking the transformative power of the creative process for individuals and groups alike.


Chela’s workshops and methods have inspired both members and staff at Soho House, production companies, as well as award-winning authors and screenwriters. She believes that creativity can change the world and that the act of writing can transform our reality, igniting true passion and magic in every aspect of life.

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