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Covered Moon Sky by Lila Reyna

Soldiers march through cobblestone streets

eyes barren set on governed heads high Rifle slings shouldered without trace of merciful man descry

Black boots heavy with blinded purpose, the only rhythm to hear

The beating, beating of anguished hearts holding close those so dear Breath like mist in the winter air quivers with fear in silent escape

Mothers to their dry bosom pull child, and cover with burlap drape Cries from afar pierce through the smoke as licking flames cinch the night sky The blood-stained tradition under one holy order – exemplify

Power and lust cultivate one man’s pride, another’s suffering loss Timeworn feet, big and small

Run, run across The sod sown earth spawns dark and light – justify Invisibility is this night’s gift under the cloud ridden, covered moon sky

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