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Welcome to the Creative Coffeehouse!

The Creative Coffeehouse serves a fresh blend of invigorating inspiration, awakened passion, and authentic joy for writers, all designed to elevate your craft from the heart.


Our unique motivational methods prioritize unlocking natural creative abilities, going beyond the mere mechanics of writing. We are here to help you tap into your inner muse, learn new secrets to blast through blocks, transform your mind into an idea powerhouse, and unleash your highest creative expression.


Whether you're a new writer or a seasoned expert, the Creative Coffeehouse serves as a global nexus where creative souls converge, find inspiration, and flourish.

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About Chela Reyna

A lifetime lover of writing & storytelling, Chela emerged from a degree in Cinema & Television Arts as a screenwriter, creative consultant, story editor, and ghostwriter. Her work with award-winning and bestselling writers who battled burnout steered her to develop transformative new methodologies that not only empower and guide new writers but also rekindle the passion, inspiration, and magic of writing for the seasoned ones.


Now a Creative Writing Instructor for diverse audiences –– from Soho House to universities, private groups, and elementary schools –– Chela is deeply devoted to revitalizing and unlocking creative potential around the world.

Chela currently lives in both L.A. and Hawaii, reading and writing on every flight in between. 

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