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Chela Reyna

Where there is creativity, there is hope.


Chela Reyna

Chela Reyna is a writer and creative consultant dedicated to igniting joy and passion in every step of the creative journey.

She works with emerging through Oscar-winning screenwriters and bestselling authors as a story

consultant, and as a ghostwriter, her original scripts have landed her clients meetings with Netflix, HBO Max, and more.

She is the founder of the Creative Coffeehouse, a global writers community where she leads workshops and writers rooms for creatives around the world. She is a guest teacher and creativity coach in elementary through University classrooms, and an interview host for film industry events. 

Chela holds an honors degrees in Cinema and Television Arts for Screenwriting. Outside of writing she is a First Degree Black Belt in the martial art of Kuk Sool Won, and an award-winning choreographer in multiple styles of dance and aerial arts — all different avenues of expression which inform her work as a writer and creative consultant.

Through all aspects of her work, it’s her ultimate mission to help give voice to stories of impact, and to interweave a positive influence into the literary and entertainment scenes, and thus, into the world around us.

Originally from a small town in northern California, Chela now flies between the shores of Hawaii and Los Angeles.

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Chela has a gift for guiding people to their inner muse. Her inspiration is infectious.

Suzanne K. Poet

Chela makes magic with her words.

Amberly Lago, Author/Speaker

An idea machine and a gifted writer.

-Chris S. Producer

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